EC Films is a video production company in the DFW area that focuses on commercial, corporate, and documentary video productions. Since 2012, EC Films have been writing, producing, directing, and editing projects for clients that are in need of not just a video but communicating a story. But enough of this boring stuff.

We like what we do A LOT. It’s a passion, and one that we would do for free. Almost. But we like to eat and our toys or gear as we call it are expensive. Our award-winning portfolio will show you how much our work varies from client to client. We work with an exceptional crew from editors to camera ops that share our passion. Our work means everything to us. We work directly with our clients and with local agencies to produce some really fun work. And if this wasn’t’ fun we wouldn’t be doing it.

So now that we have bored you to death with how cool we are, check out some more self-serving bios!


Erik Clapp- CEO, DP, Director, Editor

Erik formed EC Films in 2012 after fifteen years in advertising and broadcasting in the DFW area. Erik is the Swiss army knife of EC Films. He has written, directed, and edited award-winning videos for clients both locally and nationally. He also directed the 2004 feature film, “Seventy-8”. He sounds cool already but wait there’s more...

Erik is a bona fide movie nerd. He has one of the craziest movie collections in DFW, which means he doesn’t leave his house much. Like his father, Erik also has a knack for photography and his work has been featured on magazine covers around the world for clients such as Visit Fort Worth. Erik also enjoys rescuing felines who may be missing a leg or eye. This is the sympathetic part of the bio. Erik graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington and hopes this bio isn’t too shticky.

Hit up Erik at: or 817-691-4347


Coleman Anderson- Producer

Coleman is from Alvarado, Texas. We really don’t need to go any further than this. He has a slight accent and speaks really loud at times. He fancies himself as a country infused Don Draper. He worked for eight years at an agency managing accounts with clients focused on video, web, and print. At EC Films Coleman manages clients, sourcing crews, and managing budgets. As a graduate of Tarrant County College’s elite Radio and TV program Coleman is also a lean and mean shooter and editor. This comes in handy when CEO Erik Clapp goes missing from time to time.

Coleman is married with a young spawn and a basset hound which means he has no time for friends just family. He also is a movie fan and in particular the Fast and Furious series. He sees them as comedies not as high-octane action cinema like the rest of America.

You can leave a message with Mr. Draper at or 817-291-7626